Opening Hours

Our Pre-School Meets at the Following Times

Morning Sessions, Monday to Friday
8.45 – 11.45 am

Afternoon Session, Monday to Friday
12.30 – 3.30 pm

The group is open for thirty eight weeks every year

Morning Sessions

These sessions are primarily for children who are in their final year at Pre-School. There are usually six members of staff present for morning sessions.

Afternoon Sessions

These sessions are for children who are starting at two years of age. They will move onto morning sessions in their final year at Pre-School. There are between  seven and eight staff present for these sessions.

Sickness During a Pre-School Session

If your child is taken ill during the session, we will telephone you to collect your child.  If you are not available we will contact the number you have given us for use in an emergency.  If we are still unable to contact anyone we shall keep your child as comfortable as possible until you arrive.  It is therefore advisable that at least one of your contact numbers is available.
You are asked not to bring your child if they are suffering from any of the illnesses listed on the sheet enclosed, including coughs and colds until all the symptoms have gone completely.

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