Early Years Foundation Stage


Special Educational Needs

The number of adults present in the group enables us to provide individual attention for each child. Each child is able to progress at his or her own rate in all areas of development, and this is true for children with or without learning difficulties. We are experienced in working in close liaison with professionals across the range of special needs. If you would like to discuss the group’s ability to meet your child’s special needs, please talk to either Elaine or your child’s key person. Our full special educational needs policy can be seen in our prospectus



Key Person System

Your child will be working with a chosen member of staff who will be known as their key person. They will ensure that the needs of your child will be recognized within the Pre-School.  They will be observing, keeping records, taking photographs and monitoring the progress of your child, the results of which will be transferred onto record sheets and discussed with you once a term. When your child moves on to primary school, these records will be handed on to the school of your choice.

Your child’s key person will also be keeping a folder of your child’s development in Pre- School. It will include samples of their work and photographs of them at play. We name this folder My Learning Journey.

Learning together

Parents and Learning Tree staff have a lot to learn from each other. Together, we can help support and extend your child’s learning and development. We pride ourselves on having a welcoming atmosphere, with approachable staff to create effective communication. The more you can tell us about your child, the better we can help extend their development.Our Link book which your child takes home each day will  strengthen our communication between pre-school and home. We also put information, requests etc in the form of posters which will be displayed on the main door. We are here to help you and your child in any way we can and hope they enjoy learning through play as much as we do.

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